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The Heritage of sonus faber

In 1980, in the hills near Vicenza, Italy, a small audio research team began working on a new concept. Their goal was to match the best Italian craftsmanship with the purest high fidelity technology. The result was Sonus faber, the audio brand whose “handmade sound” revolutionized the way the world listens: by pairing world-class sound quality with Italy’s unparalleled design heritage. 

Sonus faber quickly built a reputation for superior quality with its instantly iconic speakers. The brand’s superior quality earned Sonus faber a place in a group that is home to iconic audio manufacturers like McIntosh, Wadia and Audio Research. In the ‘90s, the company solidified its vision of excellence with masterpieces like the Stradivari, Guarnieri and Amati. These names are recognizable as master Italian violin makers. They symbolized the high standard of excellence Sonus faber set for itself with its iconic speakers.
PRYMA is Sonus faber’s latest masterpiece. The same hands that designed and built world-class speakers, who consistently test the upper limits of audio quality, have now made the finest headphones in the world. Welcome to the PRYMA experience.